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Our Roots and Mission

From Strong Roots, New Perspectives Emerge.

Treehouse Minds has been founded with a core mission in mind: we serve to advocate for children, educators and elevate standards in the field of Early Childhood Education. From strong roots, healthy growth occurs and far-reaching perspectives become available.


As a lifelong learner, I know for certain that bringing social awareness and contributing to the wellness for children and their families affect the ways children learn.


Our mission is to better empower families and educators in raising healthy children capable of contributing to a thriving society. Some key focuses are to create awareness of critical prosocial behaviors in preschoolers, to educate and set realistic and appropriate expectations about early childhood development, to advocate for raised standards in our industry, and to provide resources for ECE professionals, families and advocates.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Learning is a collaboration in which the educator is responsible for supporting meaningful learning through effective leadership. Parents are a child's first educators! Transforming how we model, think, and learn requires key understanding of the interdependent traits.


Effective leadership in education requires a strong ethical and moral commitment, careful consideration, and analysis of research, and the ability to reflect, motivate, and inspire change. Effective leaders must possess an arsenal of skills to not only educate, but to support others in transforming meaningful learning. It is this learning that contributes to significant personal and professional growth.


We as parents and educators cultivate minds and are responsible for inspiring new and different ways of learning!. Threehouse MInds serves to inspire endless possibilities in education, ongoing personal growth, and the motivation for meaningful change in favor of supporting young minds and, therefore, our communities.

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